Definition of East germany

1. Noun. A republic in north central Europe on the Baltic; established by the Soviet Union in 1954; reunified with West Germany in 1990.

Exact synonyms: German Democratic Republic
Generic synonyms: European Country, European Nation
Member holonyms: East German

Definition of East germany

1. Proper noun. A former country of Europe between 1949 and 1990, officially called the German Democratic Republic (GDR), capital East Berlin. ¹

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Literary usage of East germany

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Preventing Deadly Conflict edited by David A. Hamburg, Cyrus R. Vance (1998)
"'V : IN east germany Using a combination of protest and mediation, ... Churches in east germany, for example, were probably crucial in averting mass ..."

2. Human Resources for Science & Technology: The European Region (1996) by Jean M. Johnson, Jeanne E. Griffith (2000)
"The German Government has established new Fachhochschulen in former east germany to create a more highly skilled labor force and to foster economic growth ..."

3. Globalisation and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). by OECD. (1997)
"Special features of the pattern of firm sizes in east Germany Due to East ... The very high share of manufacturing in production in east germany until 1989 ..."

4. The New Detente: Rethinking East-West Relations by Mary Kaldor, Gerard Holden, Richard A. Falk (1989)
"... from Western Europe and of east germany from Eastern Europe in order to restore a politically and militarily strong and German-dominated Central Europe, ..."

5. Germany, Garbage and the Green Dot: Challenging the Throwaway Society by Bette K. Fishbein (1996)
"Until then, West Germany collected data, but east germany collected very little. German reports indicate that the average household waste per person per ..."

6. "Foreigners Out": Xenophobia and Right-wing Violence in Germany by Holly Cartner (1992)
"It disregarded warnings that east germany was too burdened by its own problems to take on responsibility for asylum seekers and assigned asylum seekers to ..."

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