Definition of Eggbeater

1. Noun. An aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades.

2. Noun. A mixer for beating eggs or whipping cream.
Exact synonyms: Eggwhisk
Generic synonyms: Beater, Mixer

Definition of Eggbeater

1. Noun. A kitchen utensil that uses rotating blades to beat eggs ¹

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Definition of Eggbeater

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Eggbeater

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Helping Your Child Get Ready for School: With Activities for Children from by Nancy Paulu (1993)
"Beat the mixture with a fork or eggbeater. Add powdered tempera paint or food coloring. Spread out newspapers or a large piece of plastic over a table or on ..."

2. The American State Reports: Containing the Cases of General Value and by Abraham Clark Freeman (1896)
"Therefore, if a particular patented eggbeater is known by the name of "Dover," and the patent expires, any person may make an eggbeater of the same ..."

3. Energy by Katy Allen (2002)
"Invite students to predict what will happen if the egg white is beaten vigorously with an eggbeater. Ask them if they think the egg white will still be an ..."

4. Simple Machines by Jo Ellen Moore, Cindy Davis, Jill Norris, Don Robison (1998)
"Model the activity for students by analyzing an eggbeater. "This eggbeater is made up of several simple machines. The handle I turn is a lever that is also ..."

5. Unfired Foods and Hygienic Dietetics for Prophylactic (preventative) Feeding by George Julius Drews (1909)
"Flax seed and beat it about every ten minutes during the course of one hour with a rotary eggbeater. Before beating the last time fill the cup nearly full ..."

6. A Montessori Mother by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1912)
"... these interests the creative rapture to be evolved from a lump of dough, or a fumbling attempt to fathom the mysterious inwardness of a Dover eggbeater. ..."

7. Animal Micrology: Practical Exercises in Zoölogical Micro-technique by Michael Frederic Guyer (1917)
"•—-Beat the white of an egg with an eggbeater and pour it into a tall cylinder. Let stand until the air brings all suspended matter to the top. ..."

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