Definition of El salvador

1. Noun. A republic on the Pacific coast of Central America.

Definition of El salvador

1. Proper noun. A country in Central America. Official name: Republic of El Salvador. Capital: San Salvador. ¹

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Literary usage of El salvador

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Intervention Or Neglect: The United States and Central America Beyond the 1980s by Linda Robinson (1991)
"The Left has fought with grim determination to transform el salvador, ... The debate over the degree of political change in el salvador resembles one over ..."

2. Landmines: A Deadly Legacy by Arms Project (Human Rights Watch), Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.) (1993)
"Landmine use increased sharply during the course of the war in el salvador, with a corresponding increase in the number of civilians killed and wounded by ..."

3. The American Journal of International Law by American Society of International Law (1917)
"He declares that the Government of Nicaragua understands perfectly that the ancient Spanish Provinces of Nicaragua, Honduras and el salvador, by reason of ..."

4. Caribbean Basin Financing Opportunities: Guide to Financing Trade (1992)
"The Government of el salvador projects that during 1990, credit to the private ... In July 1989, the Government of el salvador adopted a major reform of the ..."

5. Insurance Regulation and Supervision in Asia and Latin America by Oecd, SourceOECD (Online service), Centre for Co-operation with Non-members, Ishii, Hisaya (2001)
"In these two countries, the minimum requirements to be the chief of the internal audit unit (el salvador) and an internal auditor (Peru) are stipulated. ..."

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