Definition of En deshabille

1. Adjective. Partly dressed in a loose or careless manner.

Exact synonyms: In Dishabille
Similar to: Unclothed

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Literary usage of En deshabille

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Russia by Astolphe Custine (1855)
"Aspect of the Country.—The Post-house—Mountains of Valdai. — Costume of the Peasantry. — Russian Ladies en Deshabille. — Small Russian Towns. ..."

2. Among the Goths and Vandals by John Blaikie (1870)
"A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT—ROYALTY EN GRAND TENUE, AND en deshabille. the days of Gustavus Wasa, personal government existed in almost patriarchal fashion. ..."

3. Tropical Trials: A Hand-book for Women in the Tropics by Shelley Leigh Hunt, Alexander S. Kenny (1883)
"Early Rising : en deshabille.—Sleeping on Deck.— Recreation.— Leaving things on Deck.— Children. —Alarms and Accidents.-- Ports of Call. ..."

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