Definition of Fatty liver

1. Noun. Yellow discoloration as a result of the accumulation of certain fats (triglycerides) in the liver; can be caused by alcoholic cirrhosis or pregnancy or exposure to certain toxins.

Generic synonyms: Liver Disease

Definition of Fatty liver

1. Noun. (pathology) The abnormal retention of triglycerides within the vacuoles of the liver ¹

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Medical Definition of Fatty liver

1. Hyperalimentation, diabetes, Cushing disease, steroids, obesity, previous jejunal bypass, Reye syndrome, kwashiorkor, malnutrition (EtOH, chemo, RT), Crohn disease (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Fatty liver

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Monographic Medicine by William Robie Patten Emerson, Guido Guerrini, William Brown, Wendell Christopher Phillips, John Whitridge Williams, John Appleton Swett, Hans Günther, Mario Mariotti, Hugh Grant Rowell (1916)
"FATTY DEGENERATION—fatty liver.—The liver is uniformly and evenly enlarged, rather soft, the border is smooth and rounded, there is no jaundice neither is ..."

2. The Principles and Practice of Medicine: Designed for the Use of by William Osler, Thomas McCrae (1916)
"fatty liver occurs under the following conditions: (a) In association with ... The symptoms of fatty liver are not definite. Jaundice is never present ..."

3. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1866)
"Among the pathological conditions in the course of which fatty liver appears, the most frequent is tuberculosis; and the fact that this state in children is ..."

4. Special pathology and therapeutics of the diseases of domestic animals v. 2 by Ferenc Hutyra (1913)
"In many cases fatty liver is caused by noxious chemical materials which are either ... The principal of these are the bacterial toxins, fatty liver being a ..."

5. A Dictionary of Medicine: Including General Pathology, General Therapeutics by Richard Quain, Frederick Thomas Roberts, John Mitchell Bruce, Samuel Treat Armstrong (1894)
"In the lesser grades of fatty liver there are scarcely any distinctive symptoms, ... The general therapeutical indications in fatty liver resulting from ..."

6. A Text-book of the Practice of Medicine by James Meschter Anders (1915)
"fatty liver. The term fatty liver embraces (a) fatty infiltration, or a deposit of fat in the otherwise normal hepatic tissues ..."

7. The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood: For the Use of Students and by Luther Emmett Holt (1902)
"These figures coincide very closely with the observations of Freeman at the New York Foundling Hospital, and indicate that fatty liver is not, ..."

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