Definition of Fighting cock

1. Noun. A cock bred and trained for fighting.

Exact synonyms: Gamecock
Generic synonyms: Cock

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Literary usage of Fighting cock

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne: Taken from Original Sources by John Ashton (1882)
"Bear-baiting—Bear-gardens—Bull-baiting—Description—Extraordinary bull-bait—Cock-fighting—Cock-pits—Value of matches—Training. BUT all amusements at this ..."

2. An Englishwoman in the Philippines by Campbell Dauncey (1906)
"In the native huts the fighting-cock is a very precious and sacred person, enthroned on a special perch at one end of the living-room. ..."

3. Forty Years in Constantinople: The Recollections of Sir Edwin Pears, 1873 by Edwin Pears, Sir Edwin Pears (1916)
"... Conferred on a fighting cock. LORD DUFFERIN ceased to be Ambassador on September 17, his place being filled by Mr. GH Wyndham, Charge" d'Affaires. ..."

4. The Early Days of the Nineteenth Century in England, 1800-1820 by William Connor Sydney (1898)
"... Sportsmen- Game Laws and Poachers—The Turf—Fox Hunting—Pugilism—Bull Baiting—Dog Fighting—Cock Fighting—Duelling—Yeomanry—Agricultural Labourers—Popular ..."

5. Boswell's Life of Johnson: Including Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the by James Boswell, Samuel Johnson (1887)
"A fighting cock has a nobleness of resolution,' ii. 334. COCK-FIGHTING. ' Cock-fighting will raise the spirits of a company,' iii. 42. COMBINATION. ..."

6. Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archeological Society by James Simpson, Richard Saul Ferguson, William Gershom Collingwood (1888)
"... Baloon ; The whole Art of Angling ; And the use of the fighting cock. ... of the Fighting-Cock for Hattel. Since there is no pleasure more Noble, ..."

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