Definition of Flat file

1. Noun. A file with two flat surfaces.

Generic synonyms: File

Definition of Flat file

1. Noun. (computing) A data file containing usually one record per line. ¹

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Literary usage of Flat file

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia by Andrew Lee Dyke (1920)
"Min fila (3) : Is also a flat file. Used very much for the same purposes as the "flat" ... it will be equal to a "hand," or "flat" file of a "second-cut. ..."

2. The Great industries of the United States: being an historical summary of by Horace Greeley (1873)
"The cross section of a flat file is a long parallelogram, and it tapers ... A float file is precisely the same as a flat file, except that it is single-cut. ..."

3. Punches and Dies: Layout, Construction and Use by Frank Arthur Stanley (1919)
"A flat file will leave a smoother finish than a round or half-round file of the same number and cut. If one looks closely at a half-round file, ..."

4. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Electronic Data Interchange Products by John J. Garguilo, Paul Markovitz (1998)
"For outbound transactions an application writes the transaction data to a file (called a flat-file). The translator formats the data according to the ..."

5. Bridge Engineering by John Alexander Low Waddell (1916)
"flat file.—A thin file flat on the two opposite faces. Flat Wood File.—A coarse-cut, flat file for using on wood. Half-round Bastard File. ..."

6. Shop and Foundry Practice: Prepared for Students of the International by International Correspondence Schools (1901)
"Either the half-round or a flat file ground in this way has a sharp edge ... On convex surfaces a flat file or the flat side of a half-round file may be ..."

7. Machine-shop Tools and Methods by William Samuel Leonard (1908)
"It is made in lengths from 4 to 16 inches, which are also the lengths of the flat file. The hand-file is of the same form in cross-section as the flat, ..."

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