Definition of Flowage

1. Noun. Gradual internal motion or deformation of a solid body (as by heat). "Rock fracture and rock flowage are different types of geological deformation"

Generic synonyms: Flow

2. Noun. A body of water that has been created by deliberately flooding an area. "Many campsites were located near the flowage"
Generic synonyms: Body Of Water, Water
Derivative terms: Flow

3. Noun. The act of flooding; filling to overflowing.
Exact synonyms: Flood
Generic synonyms: Filling
Derivative terms: Flood, Flood, Flow

Definition of Flowage

1. n. An overflowing with water; also, the water which thus overflows.

Definition of Flowage

1. Noun. A flowing or overflowing of liquid. ¹

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Definition of Flowage

1. the act of flowing [n -S]

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Literary usage of Flowage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Field Geology by Frederic Henry Lahee (1917)
"Fracture and flowage.—Since the time of their origin many rocks have been more or less disturbed by forces acting within the lithosphere. On a broad scale, ..."

2. The Law of Waters and Water Rights: International, National, State by Henry Philip Farnham (1904)
"The right of flowage, conferred by a conveyance of land, together with the ... Grant with flowage rights established.— The rule is applicable to flowage ..."

3. Structural Geology by Charles Kenneth Leith (1913)
"plain- of rock cleavage, showing that to some degree at least they wen- formed during rock flowage. (5) The mica and the other constituent* of ..."

4. Metamorphic Geology: A Text-book by Charles Kenneth Leith, Warren Judson Mead (1915)
"ROCK flowage WITHOUT RETENTION OF CLEAVAGE Marble is the commonest example of a rock which undergoes flowage without retaining cleavage. ..."

5. Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States by Adelaide Rosalia Hasse (1908)
"LAND—cont'd flowage 1841. Petition of sundry Inhabitants of Great Barring- ton complaining ... Rept. on subject of flowage of Concord and Sudbury Meadows. ..."

6. A Treatise on Metamorphism by Charles Richard Van Hise (1904)
"UPPER LIMIT OF ZONE OF flowage. The depth at which deformation by flowage occurs depends upon many factors, of which the character of the rocks, ..."

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