Definition of Flying gecko

1. Noun. A gecko that has membranous expansions along the sides of its body and limbs and tail that enable it to glide short distances.

Exact synonyms: Fringed Gecko, Ptychozoon Homalocephalum
Generic synonyms: Gecko
Group relationships: Genus Ptychozoon, Ptychozoon

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Literary usage of Flying gecko

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Phases of Animal Life, Past and Present by Richard Lydekker (1892)
"The first example of this is the flying gecko, a small lizard, ... The Flying Gecko is an inhabitant of Borneo, Java, &c., and attains a length of about 7 ..."

2. Dragons of the Air: An Account of Extinct Flying Reptiles by Harry Govier Seeley (1901)
"A less singular aid to movement in the air is found in some of the lizards termed Geckos. The so-called flying gecko ..."

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