Definition of Forward market

1. Noun. A commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded.

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Literary usage of Forward market

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Season of Hope: Economic Reform Under Mandela And Mbeki by Alan Hirsch (2005)
"For most of the 1990s the main form of SARB intervention in the forward market was through foreign exchange swaps. When it used swaps to intervene in the ..."

2. Energy Policies of IEA Countries: United Kingdom 2002 Review by International Energy Agency (2002)
"Liquidity in the forward market will improve the robustness of the signals for the need of future capacity. The introduction of NETA and other reforms, ..."

3. The OECD Report on Regulatory Reform by OECD Staff, Joanna R. Shelton (1997)
"Power Pool Under the pre-1991 regulatory scheme, the domestic market for electric power had two parts: the forward market and the spot market for ..."

4. The Chemical Trade Journal and Oil, Paint and Colour ReviewChemical engineering (1899)
"Creosote maintains its position and the forward market is active. Pitch is steady, and makers ... The forward market gives promise of further activity at ..."

5. Norway by OECD (2005)
"The Bank also states whether the forward market rates provide a good balance between the objectives of reaching the inflation target and stability of the ..."

6. Bank Profitability: Methodological Country Notes by Organization for Economic Cooperation An, Oecd (2003)
"... participants were terminated in the FX deposits against TL deposits (swap) market and forward FX purchase/sale against TL (forward) market on March 1, ..."

7. Reducing Capital Cost in Southern Africa by Martín Grandes, Nicolas Pinaud (2005)
"The forward market of a currency may however be used for speculation purposes through short-selling strategies. Basically, short-selling a currency means ..."

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