Definition of Full nelson

1. Noun. A wrestling hold in which the holder puts both arms under the opponent's arms and exerts pressure on the back of the neck (illegal in amateur wrestling).

Category relationships: Grappling, Rassling, Wrestling
Generic synonyms: Nelson

Definition of Full nelson

1. Noun. (wrestling) A hold in which the wrestler applying the hold puts their arms under the arms of their opponent and apply's pressure to the back of their opponents head or neck. ¹

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Literary usage of Full nelson

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Defense Without Damage: A Photo-Illustrated Guide to Low Liability Arrest by Robert Rail (1995)
"full nelson Release Figure 6.52 - When you have been secured in a Full ... Figure 6.52 - Beginning from a full nelson hold, relax your shoulder and arm ..."

2. The History of Ballarat: From the First Pastoral Settlement to the Present Time by William Bramwell Withers (1887)
"... be seen in the following prices advertised on the 19th August, 1862, by S. Goujon, sharebroker :— One full Nelson 10th, £2100 ; a square half Nelson, ..."

3. The Book of Athletics by Paul Withington, Lothrop Withington (1914)
"The Full-Nelson. The Half-Nelson. WRESTLING III 452 The Body Scissors combined with a Half-Nelson. Head Scissors and Arm Hold. Finishing the Arm Lock and ..."

4. Film Folk: "close-ups" of the Men, Women, and Children who Make the "movies" by Robert Leicester Wagner (1918)
"... I succeeded in getting a full nelson on his head, which put that member out of danger to me, and I held his forepaws straight out at right angles; ..."

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