Definition of Genus aix

1. Noun. Wood duck and mandarin duck.

Exact synonyms: Aix
Generic synonyms: Bird Genus
Group relationships: Anatidae, Family Anatidae
Member holonyms: Aix Sponsa, Summer Duck, Wood Duck, Wood Widgeon, Aix Galericulata, Mandarin Duck

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Literary usage of Genus aix

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1899)
"The introduction into the Check-List of this heterogeneous Old World group for the genus Aix BOIE is considered undesirable, even though the genus Aix may ..."

2. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History by American Museum of Natural History (1907)
"genus aix. 3 species, first and third sometimes regarded by recent authorities as congeneric (cf. Salvador!, Cat. Bds. Brit. ..."

3. Geology of New Jersey by New Jersey Geological Survey, George Hammell Cook (1868)
"Has been killed at Barnegat, but the author has met with none taken about the rivers. Appears to be more frequent on Long Island. genus aix. ..."

4. The Birds of Eastern North America Known to Occur East of the Nineteenth by Charles Barney Cory, Field Museum of Natural History (1899)
"North America; breeding from northern portions of northern States northward ; south in winter to Cuba. genus aix. BOIE. 101 (144) AIX SPONSA. ..."

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