Definition of Genus calvatia

1. Noun. Genus of puffballs having outer casings whose upper parts break at maturity into angular pieces to expose the spores.

Exact synonyms: Calvatia
Generic synonyms: Fungus Genus
Group relationships: Family Lycoperdaceae, Lycoperdaceae
Member holonyms: Calvatia Gigantea, Giant Puffball

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Literary usage of Genus calvatia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Mushroom Book: A Popular Guide to the Identification and Study of Our by Nina Lovering Marshall (1904)
"It has been transferred from the genus Lycoperdon to the genus Calvatia because it ruptures the peridium irregularly to discharge its spores, ..."

2. A Text-book of Mycology and Plant Pathology by John William Harshberger (1917)
"The largest puff-balls are included in the genus Calvatia (Fig. 96), which differs from Lycoperdon in the absence of an apical mouth and a regular ..."

3. The Essentials of Botany by Charles Edwin Bessey (1896)
"The genus Calvatia contains the Giant Puff-ball (C. maxima), whose spore-fruit is sometimes 30 cm. (one foot) or more in diameter. The proper plant, that is ..."

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