Definition of Georgetown

1. Noun. A section of northwestern Washington, D.C..

2. Noun. Port city and the capital and largest city of Guyana. "The city was called Stabroek by the Dutch but was renamed Georgetown by the British in 1812"
Exact synonyms: Stabroek
Generic synonyms: Port, National Capital
Group relationships: British Guiana, Co-operative Republic Of Guyana, Guyana

Definition of Georgetown

1. Proper noun. The capital city of Guyana. ¹

2. Proper noun. A district in Washington, D.C. ¹

3. Proper noun. A city in Kentucky, USA, with a population of about 21,000. ¹

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Literary usage of Georgetown

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1906)
"The appellants insist that the gift of the property to the georgetown University is void, ... It is contended that georgetown College is a corporation, ..."

2. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1912)
"Appeal from Common Pleas Circuit Court of georgetown County; RW Memminger, Judge. "To be officially reported." C. Le Roy Scurry was convicted of disorderly ..."

3. The American Coast Pilot: Containing the Courses and Distances Between the by Edmund March Blunt (1822)
"In continuing your course towards georgetown, several other inlets may be discovered in clear weather, and at length you pass North inlet, about 3 leagues ..."

4. Bits of Travel at Home by Helen Hunt Jackson (1878)
"/georgetown is the American cousin of Bad- VT Gastein, As Bad-Gastein crowds, nestles, wedges itselt into a valley among the Austrian Alps, ..."

5. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"georgetown, Ontario, town and railway junction of Halton County, 25 miles west of Toronto, on Credit River and the Grand Trunk Railway. ..."

6. Abridgment of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856: From Gales and by United States Congress, Thomas Hart Benton (1857)
"He then told us that his statement was taken from absolute entries made at the collector's office at georgetown for the last seven years, and in that time ..."

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