Definition of Get rolling

1. Verb. Start to be active. "Get cracking, please!"

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Literary usage of Get rolling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Seamanship: Comp. from Various Authorities, and Illustrated with Numerous by Stephen Bleecker Luce (1877)
"get rolling ropes on the top-gallant yards, if still aloft, and hook the rolling tackles.* TO HAUL UP AND FUEL THE MAINSAIL. Man the main clew^garnets and ..."

2. On the Stowage of Ships and Their Cargoes: With Information Regarding by Robert White Stevens (1871)
"... so does the number of oscillations she would make per minute, if she were get rolling in still water, by men running across her deck, or other means, ..."

3. Music (1899)
"In the third we get rolling rhythms that cite more than they lull. In the fourth Brahms asks too Lich of mortal man with a top trill on a chord, ..."

4. A Ranchman's Recollections: An Autobiography in which Unfamiliar Facts by Frank S. Hastings (1921)
"... they will go further for water, lie out longer in the sun, when other breeds seek shade, live on coarser grass and weeds, get rolling fat earlier, ..."

5. Communicating Environmentally Sustainable Transport: The Role of Soft Measures by OECD Staff (2004)
"... into the subconscious of the society, then the process has a chance to get rolling. l will finish by trying to answer Question 12 and 13 of your issues ..."

6. Mezzotints in Modern Music: Brahms, Tschaïkovsky, Chopin, Richard Strauss by James Huneker (1899)
"... sixths in the left hand, is very trying for players with short-breathed fingers. In the third we get rolling rhythms that excite more than they lull. ..."

7. The Russian Army and the Japanese War: Being Historical and Critical by Aleksei Nikolaevich Kuropatkin' (1909)
"I have started work building sidings for nine pairs, but this number will not run until the warm weather sets in and we get rolling-stock. ..."

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