Definition of Glandules

1. Noun. (plural of glandule) ¹

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Definition of Glandules

1. glandule [n] - See also: glandule

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Literary usage of Glandules

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The universal etymological English dictionaryby Nathan Bailey by Nathan Bailey (1731)
"... of federal filaments of the veins, arteries, nerves -.nd fibres, interwoven one with another and luil of glandules, ..."

2. The Brain Considered Anatomically, Physiologically and Philosophically by Emanuel Swedenborg, Rudolph Leonhard Tafel (1882)
"E. THE glandules OF THE DURA MATER. 210. Sometimes minute tubercles and grains appear along the longitudinal sinus, which are thought to be glands ..."

3. The Philosophical Transactions and Collections, to the End of the Year 1700 by Royal Society (Great Britain), John Lowthorp, Henry Jones, John Eames, John Martyn (1716)
"... to many in the Jugular glandules taken ... carry their Dewy Particles about the glandules, between the two ... and other glandules, is carry'd to the ..."

4. A Practical treatise on the diseases of the eye by William Mackenzie, Thomas Wharton Jones (1855)
"INFLAMMATION AND SUPPURATION OF THE LACHRYMAL GLAND. ยง 1. Inflammation and Suppuration of the glandules ..."

5. The Surgery and pathology of the thyroid and parathyroid glands by Albert John Ochsner, Ralph Leroy Thompson (1913)
"Tucked away behind the more prominent thyroid gland the parathyroid glandules for a long time escaped the eye of the anatomist, and even for a long time ..."

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