Definition of Green party

1. Noun. An environmentalist political party.

Generic synonyms: Party, Political Party
Member holonyms: Green

Definition of Green party

1. Proper noun. The particular green party of a country or region. ¹

2. Noun. a political party whose principal concern is the protection of the environment. ¹

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Literary usage of Green party

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Germany, Garbage and the Green Dot: Challenging the Throwaway Society by Bette K. Fishbein (1996)
"green party Promotes Environmental Agenda In the 1980s, Germany was home to the world's largest, most dynamic, and most successful green party (Die ..."

2. La démocratie libérale by Thomas Hodgkin, Etienne Vacherot (1896)
"T • • m /~vi between The green party. ' Many years mayest thou live, ... a favourer of the Monophysites, and therefore probably of the green party. ..."

3. Landmine Monitor Report 2002: Toward a Mine-free World by International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Human Rights Watch (Organization). (2002)
"In a second appeal, on 24 April 2000, the government parties SPD and the Green Party called for a national step-by-step approach banning all antivehicle ..."

4. Biotechnology in a Global Economy by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"Although some of their supporters are radical leftists, one green party slogan proclaims: "We are neither left nor right, but out in front" The Greens are ..."

5. A Dictionary of Roman and Greek Antiquities with Nearly 2000 Engravings on by Anthony Rich (1874)
"Persons who backed the green party (factio prasina) at the races of the Circus (Pet. ... and belonged to the green party, as explained in the last word. ..."

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