Definition of Harbor patrol

1. Noun. Patrol of officers who police a harbor area.

Generic synonyms: Patrol

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Literary usage of Harbor patrol

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Universal Reference Library Comprising the Scientific American, inc by Scientific American, inc (1903)
"The police department numbers 785 men, with 13 stations and a harbor patrol steamer, and costs nearly $800000 a year. The fire department has 26 steam fire ..."

2. Identification of Promising Naval Aviation Science and Technology Opportunities by Nsb, National Academies Press (U.S.), National Research Council (2006)
"... underwater vehicles (for underwater patrol), unattended ground sensors (for beach and harbor patrol), and UAVs (for ship, beach, and harbor patrol). ..."

3. Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations in Charge by United States Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations (1904)
"And you require repairs on the harbor-patrol boat Vigilant to the extent of about $800? Is that right? Commissioner MACFARLAND. Yes, sir. Mr. BURKETT. ..."

4. Digest of Education Statistics (1999) edited by Thomas D. Snyder (2000)
"... with Seattle PD harbor patrol, I Has Notified and Responded to the Sc¥ne ... Also responding to the Seattle Police Department's harbor patrol office, ..."

5. Hollywood & the Best of Los Angeles Alive!by Robert White, Phyllis White by Robert White, Phyllis White (2002)
"Directions will be provided when you make your reservations. Foe « A Emergencies .............................. tr 911 harbor patrol, emergency. . . . tr ..."

6. Principles of Ocean Transportation by Emory Richard Johnson, Grover Gerhardt Huebner (1918)
"The police department conducts the actual harbor patrol work through a "harbor squad" equipped with a number of patrol boats. Under normal conditions from ..."

7. Urgent Deficiencies, 1918: Hearing Before the Subcommittee of House by United States Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations (1918)
"1917, 1009 persons were Md at this institution, remaining there for a period of 2.943 days, in increase of 89 inmates and 599 days of care. harbor patrol. ..."

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