Definition of Heat of vaporisation

1. Noun. Heat absorbed by a unit mass of a material at its boiling point in order to convert the material into a gas at the same temperature.

Exact synonyms: Heat Of Vaporization
Generic synonyms: Heat Of Transformation, Latent Heat

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Literary usage of Heat of vaporisation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Theory of Heat by Thomas Preston (1904)
"LATENT heat of vaporisation 197. Early Determinations.—The latent heat of vaporisation of a liquid ordinarily means the quantity of heat necessary to ..."

2. A Text-book of Physics: Including a Collection of Examples and Questions by William Watson (1920)
"Calculation of the Latent Heat of Vaporisation and of the Effect of an Increase of Pressure on the Melting-Point of Ice.—We may employ the expression found ..."

3. Manual of Physico-chemical Measurements by Wilhelm Ostwald (1894)
"Heat of Vaporisation.—The heat of vaporisation is determined by leading the vapours into a condenser immersed in the calorimeter, and determining first the ..."

4. An Elementary Treatise on Heat by Balfour Stewart (1895)
"... ioo°C + latent heat of vaporisation. Latent heat was discovered by Black, and the principles of this branch of science were first taught by him in 1762. ..."

5. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences by Henry Watts (1871)
"The latent heat of vaporisation varies with the temperature at which the vapour is formed ; more heat is for instance required to convert a given quantity ..."

6. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1881)
"The question is also closely connected with that of heat of vaporisation and heat of ... The heat of vaporisation of water, under a pressure of 760 ..."

7. Heat for Advanced Students by Edwin Edser (1920)
"Similarly the latent heat of vaporisation of water at 200° C. would be equal to 464-3 therms per gram, whilst at a temperature t°lt equal to the latent heat ..."

8. Theoretical Chemistry from the Standpoint of Avogadro's Rule & Thermodynamics by Walther Nernst (1904)
"... as its heat of vaporisation exceeds the heat of solution, or not. And similarly, the signs for the solution-heat of substances in the solid state are ..."

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