Definition of Henry wheeler shaw

1. Noun. United States humorist who wrote about rural life (1818-1885).

Exact synonyms: Josh Billings, Shaw
Generic synonyms: Humorist, Humourist

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Literary usage of Henry wheeler shaw

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Eloquence by Thomas Brackett Reed, Rossiter Johnson, Justin McCarthy, Albert Ellery Bergh (1900)
"henry wheeler shaw ("JOSH BILLINGS") MILK [Lecture by Henry W. Shaw—" Josh Billings "—humorist and satirist (born in Lanesborough, Mass., April 21, 1818; ..."

2. The Maine Book by Henry Ernest Dunnack (1920)
"henry wheeler shaw, the centenary of whose birth fell last month, was a son of western Massachusetts ; but both the others were natives of Maine. ..."

3. The Bookman (1903)
"... and "Uncle Esek" and "Josh Billings" had greater powers of amusing than one could reasonably expect from a henry wheeler shaw/ "Orpheus C. ..."

4. A History of American Literature Since 1870 by Fred Lewis Pattee (1915)
"There were henry wheeler shaw, "Josh Billings," born in 1818; and Charles Henry Smith, "Bill Arp," born in 1823. At least three younger members must not be ..."

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