Definition of Hippodamia convergens

1. Noun. A variety of ladybug.

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Literary usage of Hippodamia convergens

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Determinate Evolution in the Color-pattern of the Lady-beetles by Roswell Hill Johnson (1910)
"In the mountains, transverse confluence reigns. In the humid Pacific coast region hippodamia convergens gives us the very dark variety moesta. ..."

2. Insect Pests of Farm, Garden and Orchard by Ezra Dwight Sanderson (1921)
"Several other species, in the genus Hippodamia, are very useful, and among them the Convergent Ladybird (hippodamia convergens) is one of the best known. ..."

3. Evolution and Animal Life: An Elementary Discussion of Facts, Processes by David Starr Jordan, Vernon Lyman Kellogg (1907)
"Diagram snowing variations in elytral pattern of convergent ladybird, Hippodamia convergens: 1-5, Variations by different reduction in number of spots in ..."

4. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"Experiments have been conducted along this line at the Insectary, whereby the hippodamia convergens has been successfully ..."

5. Report on Economic Zoology by Frederick Vincent Theobald (1904)
"The Lady-birds introduced by Mr. Norbury, from California, are known as Hippodamia convergens, Guerin. " They are very well-known beneficial species, ..."

6. Biennial Report by California Dept. of Agriculture, California State Commission of Horticulture (1905)
"hippodamia convergens, Guer. This is another of the common ladybirds of California, and is found throughout the State during the summer months very ..."

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