Definition of Hole-and-corner

1. Adjective. Relating to the peripheral and unimportant aspects of life. "A hole-and-corner life in some obscure community"

Exact synonyms: Hole-in-corner
Similar to: Insignificant, Unimportant

2. Adjective. Conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods. "Underground resistance"

Definition of Hole-and-corner

1. Adjective. Conducted in secret; clandestine. ¹

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Literary usage of Hole-and-corner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Selections from the Sources of English History: Being a Supplement to Text by Charles William Colby (1899)
"His criticism of the " Hole and Corner " system throws light on the imperfect management of hospitals at a comparatively recent date. SOURCE.—The Lancet. ..."

2. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1864)
"In both cases there is the same contempt manifested for " hole-and-corner arguments which involve legal or moral questions. We support Denmark, not because ..."

3. The Life and Times of Thomas Wakley: Founder and First Editor of the "Lancet by Samuel Squire Sprigge (1897)
"... for the hospital surgeons had not the powers necessary to carry out the threat. The articles upon "hole-and-corner" Surgery were not, ..."

4. Ethical Religion by William Mackintire Salter (1905)
"The various dissenting bodies in England were for the most part " hole-and-corner " Churches, out of relation to the great common religious life of the ..."

5. Political Letters and Pamphlets: Published for the Avowed Purpose of Trying William Carpenter, George Cruikshank, William Hone by William Carpenter, George Cruikshank, William Hone (1831)
"We are afraid the hole and corner party will be more successful with ... We are sorry to find that Mr. Planta is engaged with the hole and corner party. ..."

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