Definition of Indian meal

1. Noun. Coarsely ground corn.

Exact synonyms: Cornmeal
Generic synonyms: Meal
Substance meronyms: Hoecake, Cornmeal Mush, Mush, Polenta

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Literary usage of Indian meal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biennial Report by Oregon Board of Horticulture (1921)
"1 THE indian meal MOTH (PLODIA INTERPUNCTELLA) . a. Eggs on walnut; b. Egg much enlarged; c. Larva; d. Adult moth; e. Pupa; f. interior of infected walnut ..."

2. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"... revolving shelves and griddles and other contrivances for securing the light temperature and texture. cookies, indian meal pudding, and beans, ..."

3. The Improved Housewife: Or Book of Receipts, with Engravings for Marketing by A. L. Webster (1855)
"Mix, as for a thick gruel, indian meal and cold water, Mir the mixture into boiling water; let it boil half an iour; stir in a little salt; take it from the ..."

4. Report on the Injurious Insects and Other Animals Observed in the Midland by Walter Edward Collinge (1906)
"By far the best remedy, however, is to bury the surface soil around the stocks any time between July and the following March. THE INDIAN-MEAL MOTH. ..."

5. Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country (1849)
"tween twice and three times the real cost of indian meal. But farther, and worse, all the indian meal so purchasable was found to have a bitter fusty taste ..."

6. The Boston Cooking-school Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer (1896)
"... add two tablespoons washed rice, and cook until rice is soft. indian meal Mush. ... indian meal ..."

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