Definition of Insurance firm

1. Noun. A financial institution that sells insurance.

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Literary usage of Insurance firm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Canada Law Journal by Law Society of Upper Canada, William S. Hein & Company, Canadian Bar Association (1914)
"... they wished to return it to the original location and an insurance firm in New York was instructed to procure the necessary consent. This firm, on Jan. ..."

2. Hayden's Annual Cyclopedia of Insurance in the United States (1904)
"Taylor, AK, of the Houston, Tex., insurance firm of Childress & Taylor, died .it St. Paul, Minn.. June 14. ..."

3. Hayden's Annual Cyclopedia of Insurance in the United States (1910)
"Badger, William A., of the Minneapolis insurance firm of Howes & Badger, died there from appendicitis, November 21. Barker. Joseph W., former surveyor of ..."

4. Hayden's Annual Cyclopedia of Insurance in the United States (1907)
"Harden, William Edward, of the insurance firm of T. 'N. & WE Harden, ... Harper, Lucerne P.. senior member of the Baltimore insurance firm of Harper of ..."

5. The Ohio Nisi Prius Reports by Ohio Courts (1915)
"... secured the policy in question but had their name stamped on the back of the policy. The policy itself had been secured from the insurance firm of Earls ..."

6. Indiana and Indianans: A History of Aboriginal and Territorial Indiana and by Jacob Piatt Dunn, George William Harrison Kemper (1919)
"He was one of the founders of the real estate, loan and insurance firm of Kizer ... In 1876 he became connected with the real estate and insurance firm of ..."

7. State of the Nation: South Africa 2007 by Sakhela Buhlungu (2007)
"We refer to a legal insurance firm with the same name. The similarity in names could potentially create confusion, which most probably works in favour of ..."

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