Definition of Intersexuality

1. Noun. having the physical features of both sexes ¹

2. Noun. the state in which biological sex cannot be classified as belonging to one gender or the other ¹

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Definition of Intersexuality

1. Intersexuality in humans refers to intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish male from female. An intersex organism may have biological characteristics of both the male and female sexes. Intersexuality is the term adopted by medicine during the 20th century applied to human beings whose biological sex cannot be classified as either male or female. Intersexuality is also the word adopted by the identity-political movement, to criticize medical protocols in sex assignment and to claim the right to be heard in the construction of a new one.

Medical Definition of Intersexuality

1. The condition of having both male and female characteristics; being intermediate between the sexes. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Intersexuality

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"In my experiments on intersexuality in the gipsy- moth an almost complete ... Now up to a certain degree of intersexuality these individuals behave sexually ..."

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"All the intersexual flies are modified females and show the same grade of intersexuality. Sturtevant believes the condition to be due to the action of a ..."

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"(In an earlier paper he attributed intersexes to unfavorable nutrition during a sexual cycle.) intersexuality is inherited, but in most irregular fashion. ..."

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"Goldschmidt has advanced the idea of intersexuality and holds that both sexes contain the factors for each вех. Which factors become potent depends on the ..."

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