Definition of Isolationism

1. Noun. A policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations.

Generic synonyms: Foreign Policy
Derivative terms: Isolationist, Isolationistic

Definition of Isolationism

1. Noun. A national (or group) policy of non-interaction with other nations (or groups). ¹

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Definition of Isolationism

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Isolationism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Neutrality in the 20th Century: The Impossible Dream by John N. Petrie (1996)
"The horrible memories of the great war had not diminished, and the isolationism those memories nurtured expressed itself legislatively in the Neutrality ..."

2. Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran/Contra Affair by Lee H. Hamilton, Daniel K. Inouye (1995)
"North as the sure and quick path back to post-Vietnam neo- isolationism are going to reap the whirlwind before this century is out. ..."

3. The Reluctant Sheriff: The United States After the Cold War by Richard N. Haass (1997)
"isolationism If hegemony is at one end of the spectrum of potential choices, isolationism ... Contemporary isolationism stems from several wellsprings. ..."

4. Strategic Transformation and Naval Power in the 21st Century by Pelham G. Boyer, Robert S. Wood (1998)
"Engagement, Not isolationism Why, then, is selective engagement preferable to isolationism? The answer should by now be obvious. First, isolationism does ..."

5. Dealignment: A New Foreign Policy Perspective by Mary Kaldor, Richard A. Falk, Gerard Holden (1987)
"Right-wing isolationism is not only chauvinist, it is also quite militaristic and would ... The most distinguishing feature of American isolationism is its ..."

6. The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Past, Present, and Future by Michael J. Green, Patrick M. Cronin (1999)
"Strategies to Be Avoided Neither isolationism nor multilateralism—supported by some in ... isolationism isolationism (sometimes referred to as "restraint") ..."

7. Project 2015: Power and Progressedited by Patrick M Cronin edited by Patrick M Cronin (1997)
"With that, the United States began the long period of isolationism from Europe, ... During the century and a half of isolationism, the United States did ..."

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