Definition of Joseph henry

1. Noun. United States physicist who studied electromagnetic phenomena (1791-1878).

Exact synonyms: Henry
Generic synonyms: Physicist

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Literary usage of Joseph henry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts by Colonial Society of Massachusetts (1904)
"joseph henry ALLEN, DD BY CHARLES CARROLL EVERETT. JOSEPH HENKY ALLEN was born ... joseph henry ..."

2. Recollections of President Lincoln and His Administration by Lucius Eugene Chittenden (1904)
"joseph henry AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN. IN the spring of 1862, I had an opportunity of comparing and contrasting two striking characters; one, a philosopher, ..."

3. Pioneers of Science in America: Sketches of Their Lives and Scientific Work by William Jay Youmans (1896)
"joseph henry was born in Albany, NY There is good authority for Dec. 17, 1799, as the date, but owing to the entry in the family Bible not being distinct, ..."

4. Leading American Men of Science by David Starr Jordan (1910)
"joseph henry PHYSICIST 1797-1878 BY SIMON NEWCOMB THE visitor to the great ... joseph henry was the first American after Franklin to reach high eminence as ..."

5. The Library of Original Sources by Oliver Joseph Thatcher (1907)
"joseph henry joseph henry was born December 17,1797, at Albany, New York. He was preparing for medicine, but an appointment as assistant engineer on the ..."

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