Definition of June bug

1. Noun. Any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late spring; the larvae feed on roots of grasses etc..

Exact synonyms: June Beetle, May Beetle, May Bug
Generic synonyms: Scarabaean, Scarabaeid, Scarabaeid Beetle
Specialized synonyms: Figeater, Green June Beetle

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Literary usage of June bug

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forestry in New England: A Handbook of Eastern Forest Management by Ralph Chipman Hawley, Austin Foster Hawes (1912)
"The june bug in the pupa stage, as a whitish grub, eats the roots and bark on the roots of seedlings, transplants, and trees in plantations. ..."

2. The Curtiss Aviation Book by Glenn Hammond Curtiss, Augustus Post (1912)
"CHAPTER in THE "june bug"—FIRST FLIGHTS FOR THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN TROPHY ... The "june bug" was given a thorough try-out before we made arrangements to ..."

3. Elements of Comparative Zoology by John Sterling Kingsley (1897)
"What changes would you need to make in the antenna of a grasshopper to make it like that of the June- bug ? Can you find labrum, mandibles, maxilla, ..."

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