Definition of Kitchen garden

1. Noun. A small garden where vegetables are grown.

Exact synonyms: Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Patch
Generic synonyms: Garden
Specialized synonyms: Victory Garden

Definition of Kitchen garden

1. Noun. A garden used for growing fruit, vegetables and/or herbs for use in the kitchen. ¹

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Literary usage of Kitchen garden

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Rural Essays by Andrew Jackson Downing (1869)
"VIL A CHAT 'IN THE kitchen garden. October, 1849. EDITOR. We find you, as usual, in your kitchen garden. Admirable as all the rest of your place is, ..."

2. The Suburban Horticulturist, Or, An Attempt to Teach the Science and by John Claudius Loudon (1842)
"The situation and general arrangement of the kitchen-garden have already been ... In general the kitchen, stable-offices and kitchen-garden should be on one ..."

3. The American Kitchen Gardener: Containing Practical Directions for the by Thomas Green Fessenden (1856)
"A kitchen garden should not be situated at any great distance from the house, lest, being too much out of sight, it should be out of mind, and the necessary ..."

4. The Gentleman's House: Or, How to Plan English Residences, from the by Robert Kerr (1865)
"A Gardener's Lodge is often placed in connexion with the Kitchen-Garden, for protection and supervision; and sometimes lodgings for his assistants. ..."

5. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1915)
"LHB KITCHEN - GARDEN and FLOWER-GARDEN. The kitchen-garden is for the kitchen,—to grow the supplies that are used in cookery and on the table as food. ..."

6. How to Lay Out a Garden: Intended as a General Guide in Choosing, Forming by Edward Kemp (1901)
"In general, however, curved lines in a kitchen-garden are quite incompatible with ... In a kitchen-garden which I have arranged for Gilbert Henderson, Esq., ..."

7. Rural Architecture: Being a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages by Lewis Falley Allen (1852)
"The kitchen garden yields more necessaries and comforts to the family, ... As to locality, the kitchen garden should lie in the warmest and ri\o*t sheltered ..."

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