Definition of Knock on

1. Noun. (rugby) knocking the ball forward while trying to catch it (a foul).

Group relationships: Rugby, Rugby Football, Rugger
Category relationships: Rugby, Rugby Football, Rugger
Generic synonyms: Play

Definition of Knock on

1. Verb. (ambitransitive rugby) to commit a foul by knocking the ball forward. ¹

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Literary usage of Knock on

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Poetical Works of John Dryden by John Dryden (1909)
"knock on my heart: for thou hast skill to find If it sound solid, or be lili M with wind; And, thro' the vale of words, thou view'st the naked mind. ..."

2. Bulletin by Federal Board for Vocational Education, United States (1917)
"What would cause your car to knock on a hill climb? (a) Advanced spark. (ft) Also might be out of lubricating oil. (c) Connecting-rod bearings loose. 8. ..."

3. Bulletin by University of the State of New York (1919)
"The first pupil opens his eyes and asks: " John, did you and William knock on your desks ? " " No, William and I did not knock on our desks. ..."

4. Modern American Law: A Systematic and Comprehensive Commentary on the by Eugene Allen Gilmore, William Charles Wermuth (1914)
"Moses Golladay died in 1855, leaving two children, William Golladay and Mary Knock. On May 15, 1900, William Golladay executed a general warranty deed to ..."

5. A Lexicon, English and Turkish: Shewing, in Turkish, the Literal, Incidental by James William Redhouse (1861)
"Ui yv- tr* ( ') To gire one a knock on the head, : dUo A knock at the door, : v'.iL,J : UJ'.). jj Knocker (nik'er), ». : u<* '•*>;' Knock-kneed (nok'-ned), ..."

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