Definition of Lateral thinking

1. Noun. A heuristic for solving problems; you try to look at the problem from many angles instead of tackling it head-on.

Definition of Lateral thinking

1. Noun. Using reasoned thought in a non-standard, or non-linear logical, way to find a solution to a problem. ¹

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Literary usage of Lateral thinking

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 by Janet Allen (1999)
"Titles I have include: Brecker's Lateral Logic g Puzzles; Sloan's Test Your lateral thinking, lateral thinking Puzzlers, and g Perplexing lateral thinking ..."

2. A Stake in Tomorrow: World Class Lessons in Business Partnershipsby John Marsh by John Marsh (1998)
"He has developed a whole portfolio of lateral thinking techniques, all of which can be used successfully with stakeholders to challenge their preconceived ..."

3. Issues of Curriculum Reform in Science, Mathematics and Higher Order by Ronald D. Anderson (1994)
"... The Cognitive Studies Project, The Productive Thinking Program, Lateral Thinking, and the CoRT Program. Formal thinking approaches: ADAPT (Accent on the ..."

4. End The Biggest Educational And Intellectual Blunder In History: A $100,000 by Norman W. Edmund (2005)
"It is also termed divergent thinking, lateral thinking, insight, intuition, flash of inspiration, innovation, ideation, guided design, generative thinking, ..."

5. The New Everyday: Views on Ambient Intelligenceby Emile H. L. Aarts, Stefano Marzano by Emile H. L. Aarts, Stefano Marzano (2003)
"Serendipity and lateral thinking are becoming more accepted alongside logic and rational thought as respectable modes of developing insight. ..."

6. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage by Inc. Merriam-Webster (1994)
"... latitude —Benjamin Farrington, Greek Science, 1953 This is particularly so in respect of his concept of lateral thinking —Times Literar,v Supp., 12 Feb. ..."

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