Definition of Lathyrus nissolia

1. Noun. Annual European vetch with red flowers.

Exact synonyms: Grass Vetch, Grass Vetchling
Group relationships: Genus Lathyrus, Lathyrus
Generic synonyms: Vetchling

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Literary usage of Lathyrus nissolia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Country Gentlemen (1874)
"... the Crimson Grass Vetch (lathyrus nissolia) ; the Elegant St. John's-wort (Hypericum elegans) ; and the Heath- leaved Sun Bose i Hi ..."

2. On Buds and Stipules by John Lubbock (1899)
"... Aphaca (after Bentham) . .179 305 Seedling of Lathyrus Aphaca 180 306 Seedling of lathyrus nissolia 181 307 Shoot of lathyrus nissolia (after Bentham) . ..."

3. Organography of Plants, Especially of the Archegoniata and Spermaphyta by Karl Goebel (1900)
"lathyrus nissolia behaves in the same way, only in it the uppermost leaves develop no tendrils; ... It is possible that lathyrus nissolia sprang from a ..."

4. The Power of Movement in Plants by Charles Darwin, Francis Darwin (1900)
"The ellipses described by lathyrus nissolia and Brassica were narrow, whilst those made by the ... A very young shoot of lathyrus nissolia moved about •14, ..."

5. The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany edited by George Luxford, Edward Newman (1844)
"CC Babington; St. John\- College, Cambridge, December, 1843. 434. Note on the Weymouth Stations of lathyrus nissolia and Sa- ..."

6. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign (1905)
"Lathyrus Aphaca. 22. Berks. Eec. Club, 1881-82. (16, 72, 76, 92.) lathyrus nissolia. 66. Notts. Middleton, York herb. ..."

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