Definition of Leviticus

1. Noun. The third book of the Old Testament; contains Levitical law and ritual precedents.

Exact synonyms: Book Of Leviticus
Generic synonyms: Book
Group relationships: Old Testament, Laws, Pentateuch, Torah
Derivative terms: Levitical

Definition of Leviticus

1. n. The third canonical book of the Old Testament, containing the laws and regulations relating to the priests and Levites among the Hebrews, or the body of the ceremonial law.

Definition of Leviticus

1. Proper noun. The third of the Books of Moses in the Old Testament of the Bible, the third book in the Torah. ¹

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Literary usage of Leviticus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of England, from the Accession of Henry VII. to the Death of by Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher (1906)
"If it was true that the precepts of leviticus still obliged Christians, ... If, on the other hand, it was contended that the law of leviticus was ..."

2. Christian Workers' Commentary on the Old and New Testaments: Arranged in by James Martin Gray (1915)
"Mr. Brooke truly says that the practical purpose of leviticus can never be tested in any life unless the lessons of Genesis and Exodus have been mastered. ..."

3. History: Fiction of Science? by Anatoly T. Fomenko (2005)
"leviticus, NUMBERS, DEUTERONOMY AND JOSHUA. ... The interpretation of these laws occupies a great many chapters of Deuteronomy, leviticus and Numbers. ..."

4. Literature of Theology: A Classified Bibliography of Theological and General by John Fletcher Hurst (1896)
"MURPHY, JG, DD A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of leviticus, with a New Translation. Pp. 318, 8vo. An- dover: Draper, 1872. $2.50. 4. ..."

5. The New Englander by William Lathrop Kingsley (1872)
"MURPHY'S leviticus.*—The Book of leviticus, offering fewer themes of permanent interest than other books of the Pentateuch, has been comparatively neglected ..."

6. Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament by Carl Friedrich Keil, Franz Delitzsch (1866)
"(leviticus.) INTRODUCTION. CONTENTS AND PLAN OP leviticus. j]HE third book of Moses is headed top'l in the original text, from the opening word. ..."

7. An Introduction to the Old Testament by Charles Henry Hamilton Wright (1890)
"The writings of the priest-prophet Ezekiel necessarily contain numerous references to the legislation of the book of leviticus. 3. ..."

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