Definition of Little potato

1. Noun. Rhizoctinia disease of potatoes.

Exact synonyms: Rosette, Russet Scab, Stem Canker
Generic synonyms: Rhizoctinia Disease

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Literary usage of Little potato

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Successful Farming; a Ready Reference on All Phases of Agriculture for by Frank Duane Gardner (1916)
"When the land becomes infected, avoid the use of stable manure and lime, and rotate crops for three to five years. little potato, Rosette, Stem Rot, ..."

2. Practical Plant Physiology: An Introduction to Original Research for by Wilhelm Detmer, S. A. (Samuel Albert) Moor (1898)
"A little potato starch is treated with distilled water in a test- tube. We put it aside for a few hours, shaking frequently, and then filter off the fluid. ..."

3. Rambles and Scrambles in North and South America by Edward Robert Sullivan (1852)
"At Fort Snelling we made the acquaintance of the Indian agent, whom the Indians call the " little potato." His predecessor was a Colonel Murphy, ..."

4. Elementary Chemical Microscopy by Emile Monnin Chamot (1921)
"To a drop of solution add dilute sulphuric acid, a little potato starch and a tiny fragment of ammonium persulphate. The starch is turned blue or violet in ..."

5. Diagnostic Therapeutics: A Guide for Practitioners in Diagnosis by Aid of by Albert Abrams (1910)
"Lunch: Chops or steak, roast beef or roast mutton, bread and water; if desired, a little potato or rice. Two hours later a Vichy tablet in half a glass of ..."

6. Dental materia medica and therapeutics by Hermann Prinz (1917)
"A little potato may often be substituted with advantage for fruit at breakfast; some do well with a little potato at each meal and less fresh fruit. ..."

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