Definition of Log out

1. Verb. Exit a computer. "Please log off before you go home"

Exact synonyms: Log Off
Generic synonyms: Exit, Get Out, Go Out, Leave
Antonyms: Log In

Definition of Log out

1. Verb. (computing) to exit an account in a computer system so that it doesn't recognize you until you log in again. ¹

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Literary usage of Log out

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Canada Law Journalby Law Society of Upper Canada, William S. Hein & Company, Canadian Bar Association by Law Society of Upper Canada, William S. Hein & Company, Canadian Bar Association (1876)
"New, as to the protest, I do not dwell on that ; it certainly looks suspicious in the absence of the log, when there was time to take the log out of the ..."

2. Excursion Through the Slave States: From Washington on the Potomac, to the by George William Featherstonhaugh (1844)
"If a tree is blown down near to a settler's house, and obstructs the road, he never cuts a log out of it to open a passage ; it is not in his way. and ..."

3. Seismology, 1989-1992: Nuclear Test-Ban Verification (in Sweden) by Eva Johannisson (1994)
"... compression QUIT: log out Make your choice: quit<enter> NORDIC logged out at l-SEP-1992 11:52:29.40 Local -Oil- Session 1 disconnected from SWE Local> ..."

4. The New American Practical Navigator: Being an Epitome of Navigation by Nathaniel Bowditch (1826)
"... this distance being usually allowed to carry the log out of the eddy of the ship's wake) and the first mark (which is generally a red rag) is going off, ..."

5. The Monthly Review by Ralph Griffiths (1808)
"... though it is recommended, to bear the log out from the ship's side with a boat-hook against the towing-line of the log, it can scarcely be supposed to ..."

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