Definition of Louis iii

1. Noun. Son of Louis II and king of the France and Germany (863-882).

Generic synonyms: King Of France

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Literary usage of Louis iii

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Commentaries on American Lawby James Kent, Charles M. Barnes by James Kent, Charles M. Barnes (1884)
"St. louis iii. 439 c St. Louis, A. & CRR v. Dalby ii. 284, n. ... Marine Ins. Co. of St. louis iii. 257 d, 314, n. 1 r. Marshall iii. 468 c r. Newton ii. ..."

2. The Historic Note-book: With an Appendix of Battles by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (1891)
"His sister Judith was the second wife of Ethelwulf, Anglo-Saxon king of England. Louis le Bègue had three sons, all of whom reigned, viz. Louis III. ..."

3. The Cumulative Book Index by H.W. Wilson Company (1909)
"East St. Louis, III. Public library. Classified catalogue of the East Saint bouis public library; a complete list of books in the adult circulating and ..."

4. A History of Missouri from the Earliest Explorations and Settlements Until by Louis Houck (1908)
"INDEX Water-mills, iii, 189 Water supply, of St. Louis, iii, 166; Laclede likely located his warehouse near a spring, 166 Waterhouse, Professor, ..."

5. A.L.A. Portrait Index: Index to Portraits Contained in Printed Books and by American Library Association (1906)
"Louise Bénédicte de, dau. of Henri Jules, prince de Condé, 1676-1753. Set Maine, duchesse du. Louise Elisabeth de, dau. of Louis III, prince de Condé, ..."

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