Definition of Male bonding

1. Noun. The formation of a close personal relationship between men. "The rituals known as male bonding do not necessarily involve drinking beer together"

Generic synonyms: Bonding

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Literary usage of Male bonding

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches & Criminal Justice Strategies by Christine Smith, Kerry Healey, Chris O'Sullivan (1999)
"As one set of group leaders advised, "Be vigilant about male bonding— batterers love to stick up for each other against their partners. ..."

2. Women in the Military: Deployment in the Persian Gulf War (1993)
"male bonding is considered by many to be essential for the success of combat unit missions. Some have asserted that the introduction of women to an all-male ..."

3. Rural Substance Abuse: State of Knowledge & Issues edited by Elizabeth B. Robertson (1999)
"... Gilbert 1985) have characterized male bonding in gender- segregated places as a function of class and occupational position. Men who work in physically ..."

4. Prevention Plus II: Tools for Creating and Sustaining Drug-Free Communities (1994)
"... in placing beer as an integral part of male bonding and maturity, capturing our cultural myths and understanding of the male role in our society. ..."

5. Leon Abbett's New Jersey: The Emergence of the Modern Governor by Richard A. Hogarty (2001)
"Political parties, with their local clubhouses, provided a gathering place for men and male-bonding. Under the state constitution, only white men were ..."

6. Ethics and National Defense: The Timeless Issues by James C. Gaston (1994)
"There is no reason to believe that the female "bonding" that occurs through normal association is any stronger than the male bonding that is said to occur. ..."

7. Defense Policy in the Reagan Administration edited by William P. Snyder, James Brown (1997)
"The argument has been made that women in a main battle area present a threat to the cohesiveness or "male bonding process" that serves to promote increased ..."

8. The Mycenaean Feast by James C. Wright (2004)
"... while the observation that spits often appear in tombs associated with male (warrior) burials suggests a context of male bonding through barbecuing, ..."

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