Definition of Malignant hyperthermia

1. Noun. Hereditary condition in which certain anesthetics (e.g., halothane) cause high body temperatures and muscle rigidity.

Medical Definition of Malignant hyperthermia

1. A severe form of fever that occurs as a reaction to certain anaesthetic agents and muscle relaxants. Malignant hyperthermia is an inherited autosomal dominant condition. Inheritance: autosomal dominant. (27 Sep 1997)

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Literary usage of Malignant hyperthermia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Treatment of Depression edited by Cynthia D. Mulrow (2000)
"This syndrome may resemble malignant hyperthermia or the neuroleptic malignant syndrome,657 and it has been explained by presumed excessive serotonergic ..."

2. Essentials for Animal Research: A Primer for Research Personnel by B. Taylor Bennett (1996)
"Pigs are predisposed to ventricular fibrillation and some breeds exhibit malignant hyperthermia when exposed to halothane. The anatomy of the larynx and ..."

3. The Dog: Bibliography January 1985-January 1994 by Cynthia P. Smith (1995)
"... variabilis 92 NAL Call No: 41.8 R312 Canine stress syndrome/malignant hyperthermia susceptibility: calcium-homeostasis defect in muscle and lymphocytes. ..."

4. Acute Pain Management: Operative Or Medical Procedures and Trauma Clinical by Daniel B. Carr, Ada K. Jacox (1997)
"Severe adverse reactions, including death through mechanisms that mimic malignant hyperthermia, have been reported when these drugs have been used together ..."

5. Guidelines for the Humane Transportation of Research Animals by National Research Council (U. S.) (2006)
"... Risk to Animal Health and Welfare "May include malignant hyperthermia or transgenic animals that have thermoregulatory or physiological dysfunction. ..."

6. Asian by Loretta D. Ulincy (1995)
"malignant hyperthermia: are you prepared' AORN J 1994 Feb;59(2):367, 370-2, 374-8 passim. Belle SH, Beringer KC, Detre KM. Trends in liver transplantation ..."

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