Definition of Marcus whitman

1. Noun. United States frontier missionary who established a post in Oregon where Christianity and schooling and medicine were available to Native Americans (1802-1847).

Exact synonyms: Whitman
Generic synonyms: Missionary

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Literary usage of Marcus whitman

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Historical Review by American Historical Association (1901)
"THE LEGEND OF marcus whitman FAMILIAR as the student of history is with the growth of ... In OW Nixon's How marcus whitman Saved Oregon, Chicago, 1895, ..."

2. Essays in Historical Criticism by Edward Gaylord Bourne (1901)
"He writes: " In the autumn of 1836 marcus whitman, MD, with Mrs. Whitman, together with other missionary associates, arrived at Fort Walla Walla on Columbia ..."

3. Personal Recollections and Observations of General Nelson A. Miles by Nelson Appleton Miles, Marion Perry Maus (1896)
"marcus whitman, After hearing Dr. Whitman's report the American Board at once decided to occupy the field. He had for a long time been engaged to marry Miss ..."

4. Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada by University of Toronto (1902)
"marcus whitman : A Discussion of Professor Bourne's Paper. By William I. Marshall. ... marcus whitman and the Early Days of Oregon. By William A. Mowry. ..."

5. Historical Records and Studies (1917)
"THE "marcus whitman MYTH" AND THE MISSIONARY HISTORY OF OREGON BY Louis A. LANGIE Oregon Territory was that vast tract of country, stretching from the sunny ..."

6. The Oregon Missions: The Story of how the Line was Run Between Canada and by James Whitford Bashford (1918)
"... CHAPTER XV marcus whitman (CONCLUDED) WHAT service did Dr. Whitman render to the government and the people of the United States by his trip to the East ..."

7. History Vs. the Whitman Saved Oregon Story: Three Essays Towards a True by William Isaac Marshall (1904)
"marcus whitman: A DISCUSSION OF PROFESSOR BOURNE'S PAPER.1 Py Principal WILLIAM I. MARSHALL, of Chicago. From 1877 to 188:21 supposed the ..."

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