Definition of Maxillofacial

1. Adjective. Of or relating to the upper jaw and face (particularly with reference to specialized surgery of the maxilla). "Maxillofacial surgery"

Category relationships: Surgery
Partainyms: Face

Definition of Maxillofacial

1. Adjective. Of or relating to the jaw and face. ¹

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Definition of Maxillofacial

1. [adj]

Medical Definition of Maxillofacial

1. Pertaining to the jaws and face, particularly with reference to specialised surgery of this region. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Maxillofacial

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"The most effective at siphoning off the best are the nine specialties in dentistry: oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodon- tics, ..."

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"Parameters of care for oral and maxillofacial surgery. A guide for practice, monitoring and evaluation (AAOMS Parameters of Care-92) American Association of ..."

3. Virtual Environments for Health Care by Judi Moline (1995)
"Semi-Immersive Environments in Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery — Realizing the "Safety First" ... Augmented Reality in Oral and maxillofacial Surgery. ..."

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