Definition of Migration route

1. Noun. The geographic route along which birds customarily migrate.

Exact synonyms: Flyway
Generic synonyms: Itinerary, Path, Route

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Literary usage of Migration route

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1917)
"The outer beaches of the south shore are a favorite migration route with them, and any type of land bird is apt to be found in the bay- berries or in the ..."

2. The Wilson Bulletin by Wilson Ornithological Club, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union, Wilson Ornithological Society (1904)
"LJ The migration route of Kirtland's Warbler. By Chas. C. Adams- Bull Mich. Ornith. ... It is accompanied by a like study of the migration route of the ..."

3. The North American Almanac (1922)
"way of its migration route from Alaska, which is also the summer home of this species. These two golden plover, therefore, which are sub-specifically ..."

4. A Source Book of Biological Nature-study by Elliot Rowland Downing (1919)
"migration route of the mourning warbler: small circles show nesting region, dotted area the winter home, connecting lines the migration route. lines, ..."

5. Bulletin by Bureau of Biological Survey, United States (1907)
"As the species is not known in Alaska in spring, its migration route is probably elliptical, and the northern route in spring is probably across the ..."

6. Guide to the Systematic Use of the North American Bird and Nature Study: A by Harold Brough Shinn, Gerard Alan Abbott (1912)
"The migration route of the bobolink shows how these birds which summer in southern Canada and the northern portions of the United States travel 2300 miles, ..."

7. Seal and Salmon Fisheries and General Resources of Alaska by David Starr Jordan, Henry Wood Elliott, Washburn Maynard, Sheldon Jackson, William Gouverneur Morris, Ivan Petroff, Charles Haskins Townsend, Frederick William True, John J. Brice, Leonhard Stejneger (1898)
"On reaching the coast their migration route is continually toward the islands ... The migration route is from the Pribilof Islands through the passes across ..."

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