Definition of Milk adder

1. Noun. Nonvenomous tan and brown king snake with an arrow-shaped occipital spot; southeastern ones have red stripes like coral snakes.

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Literary usage of Milk adder

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Collections by CT Historical Society (1901)
"Of snakes we have the common striped snake, the green or grass snake, ribbon snake, house or milk adder, field and swamp adder, ..."

2. Summarized Proceedings ... and a Directory of Members (1874)
"... and proceeded to tear one of them open, when, to my surprise, there appeared a small, perfectly formed milk adder, which immediate! ..."

3. Our Western Empire by Linus Pierpont Brockett (1882)
"In the mountains and wooded districts, rattlesnakes, moccasin snakes, copperheads, the red-mouthed adder and the milk adder are sufficiently numerous, ..."

4. Recreation by George O. Shields, American Canoe Association, League of American Sportsmen (1898)
"One day last week NB Fuller, of this place, killed 21 milk adder snakes at one stroke of a shovel. ..."

5. The History of Pittsfield, (Berkshire County,) Massachusetts by Joseph Edward Adams Smith (1869)
"... or perhaps the milk-adder lurked in the under-brush, the wayfarer listened in vain for the warning rattle of the dread of New-England fields, ..."

6. Friends' Intelligencer by Friends Intelligencer Association (1856)
"The snake was of the species known in that vicinity as the milk adder, was nearly three feet long, and between three and four inches round the body. ..."

7. Zoology for Students and General Readers by Alpheus Spring Packard (1879)
"The poisonous snakes stand lowest in the series ; they arc succeeded by the striped snake, milk adder, and by the boa;, which attain a length of five metres ..."

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