Definition of Monocycles

1. Noun. (plural of monocycle) ¹

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Definition of Monocycles

1. monocycle [n] - See also: monocycle

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Literary usage of Monocycles

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Magnetic Fields of Force: An Exposition of the Phenomena of Magnetism by Hermann Ebert (1897)
"Such systems are called by Helmholtz ' monocycles.' They are characterised by the relation ii = afl. ... But in addition to monocycles there are other ..."

2. Theory of Electricity and Magnetism by Charles Emerson Curry (1897)
"monocycles; A MONO- CYCLIC MECHANISM. IN the derivation of the above well-known laws of electrodynamics we have followed essentially Hertz's development. ..."

3. Modern cycles: a practical handbook on their construction and repair by Alexander James Wallis-Tayler (1897)
"The chief drawback to unicycles or monocycles is their great instability both fore and aft, and laterally, whereby the riding of them is rendered so risky ..."

4. Report of the Annual Meeting (1892)
"The author gives other models of monocycles in which several movable rods and beads are attached to the same shaft. A Watt's governor is another simple ..."

5. Tales of Space and Time by Herbert George Wells (1899)
"... of such as had duties within twenty miles or so of the city; the inner ways were filled with vaster mechanisms—swift monocycles bearing a score of men, ..."

6. Bicycles & Tricycles: An Elementary Treatise on Their Design and by Archibald Sharp (1896)
"In all monocycles the transverse equilibrium is unstable ; they may be subdivided into two sub-classes, according as the longitudinal equilibrium is stable ..."

7. Bicycles & Tricycles: An Elementary Treatise on Their Design and by Archibald Sharp (1896)
"Cycles with unstable equilibrium may be divided into three classes, according to the direction in which the unstable equilibrium exists: monocycles, ..."

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