Definition of Moron

1. Noun. A person of subnormal intelligence.

Exact synonyms: Changeling, Cretin, Half-wit, Idiot, Imbecile, Retard
Specialized synonyms: Mongoloid
Generic synonyms: Simple, Simpleton
Derivative terms: Cretinous, Idiotic, Imbecilic, Moronic, Retard

2. Noun. A city in Argentina, to the west of Buenos Aires.
Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Argentina, Argentine Republic

Definition of Moron

1. n. A person whose intellectual development proceeds normally up to about the eighth year of age and is then arrested so that there is little or no further development.

2. n. An inferior olive size having a woody pulp and a large clingstone pit, growing in the mountainous and high-valley districts around the city of Moron, in Spain.

Definition of Moron

1. Noun. (obsolete) A person of borderline intelligence in the former classification of mental retardation, having of an intelligence quotient of 50-69. ¹

2. Noun. (informal) A person who makes uncool, unfunny, uninteresting, or irrelevant (see lame) attempts to impress others and draw attention to himself, especially in a flawed attempt to act like someone else. ¹

3. Noun. (slang) An idiot. ¹

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Definition of Moron

1. a mentally deficient person [n -S] : MORONIC [adj]

Medical Definition of Moron

1. An obsolete term for a subclass of mental retardation or the individual classified therein. Origin: G. Moros, stupid (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Moron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Silencing a People: The Destruction of Civil Society in Haiti by Americas Watch Committee (U.S.), National Coalition for Haitian Refugees (1993)
"moron Youth Association The moron Youth Association ... Jen moron, AJM) is a youth group in the town of moron, in the department of Grande Anse, ..."

2. Why Some Men Kill; Or, Murder Mysteries Revealed by George A. Thacher (1919)
"CHAPTER I THE DELINQUENT moron The word moron is a recently coined addition to the ... moron is taken from the Greek word meaning a grownup person who is a ..."

3. The Kingdom of Evils: Psychiatric Social Work Presented in One Hundred Case by Elmer Ernest Southard, Mary Cromwell Jarrett (1922)
"Florence Warner, nineteen, brought to the Psychopathic Hospital for observation at the family physician's suggestion, turned out to be a moron, ..."

4. The Social Welfare Forum: Official Proceedings [of The] Annual Meeting by National Conference on Social Welfare, American Social Science Association (1921)
"Suppose one tests a woman and finds out that she grades as moron, we may say. What then ? Should she not receive a pension or support or should she not go ..."

5. Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the Adjoining Countries: From the by Jean Froissart (1839)
"The earl then came to Castel moron, which he attacked ; but, finding he could not make any impression, he took up his quarters before it for that night. ..."

6. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1903)
"moron and Levy Mayer for petitioners. Mr. Frank Crosier for respondent. December 1, 1902. Denied. WILLIAM K. VANDERBILT et al., Trustees et al., ..."

7. The Intelligence of the Feeble-minded by Alfred Binet, Théodore Simon (1916)
"HOW A moron CAN HAVE L'ESPRIT FAUX One of the most curious of the ... He is a moron and not an imbecile, because he can read; he reads fairly well, ..."

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