Definition of Naturals

1. Noun. (plural of natural) ¹

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Definition of Naturals

1. natural [n] - See also: natural

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Literary usage of Naturals

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Medical lexicon: A Dictionary of Medical Science by Robley Dunglison (1856)
"Those things which, anciently, formed the mutter of hygiene. See Non-naturals. RÉSEAU, Rete — r. Admirable, Rete mirabile RE» VENEREA, Coition—r. ..."

2. Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania by Historical Society of Pennsylvania (1870)
"... a moral and civil respect and love to our fellow-creatures, as brethren by creation and the workmanship of his hands, all of a piece as to our naturals. ..."

3. Gabriele Zerbi, Gerontocomia: On the Care of the Aged and Maximianus Gabriele de Zerbis, Levi Robert Lind by Gabriele de Zerbis, Levi Robert Lind (1988)
"... Chapter XII The Care of the Aged By Use of the Six Non-naturals in General The bodies of old men and their members are not only essentially cold and dry ..."

4. The pourtract of old age by John Smith (1752)
"... as his life will give way for; Senibus naturals eji vigilare, pueris dormire ; but when they are one of one kind, and another of another, ..."

5. Scottish Reminiscences by Sir Archibald Geikie (1904)
"'naturals' in Scotland. Confused thoughts of second childhood. Belief in witchcraft. Miners and their superstitions. Colliers and Sailers in Scotland were ..."

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