Definition of Nut grass

1. Noun. A widely distributed perennial sedge having small edible nutlike tubers.

Exact synonyms: Cyperus Rotundus, Nut Sedge, Nutgrass, Nutsedge
Generic synonyms: Sedge
Group relationships: Cyperus, Genus Cyperus

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Literary usage of Nut grass

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Secretary of Agriculture by United States Dept. of Agriculture (1889)
"THE EXTERMINATION OF nut grass. A figure and description of the nut grass ... The plan of campaign to extirpate nut grass is simply to prevent it maturing ..."

2. Truck-farming at the South: A Guide to the Raising of Vegetables for by A. Oemler (1900)
"If this round is repeated, there will be little, if any, nut-grass to be seen at ... Nut-grass is propagated by the nuts; and if the growth above ground is ..."

3. American Gardening (1895)
"In addition to the above methods of destroying nut grass by cultivation and cutting, another which has received too little attention may be profitably ..."

4. Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Florida by Florida Supreme Court (1882)
"A plantation in this county, free from nut grass, with a gin house and good cabins on it ... Land studded with nut grass is not worth more than $i per acre. ..."

5. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1847)
"If a spot of a couple of square feet is dug up where the nut-grass has been ... It is related in Barbados that the nut-grass was first brought there in a ..."

6. Report of the Secretary for Agriculture by United States Dept. of Agriculture (1866)
"... Coco grass, nut grass of South Carolina, (p ) This is regarded by the southern planters as the most intolerable pest of their agriculture. ..."

7. The Swiss Cross by Harlan Hoge Ballard, Agassiz Association (1887)
"It is in reality the nut-like tuber of the nut-grass, a species of Carex ... This nut-grass grows in a swampy piece of ground belonging to my brother, ..."

8. The Weeds of New South Wales, Pt. I- by Joseph Henry Maiden (1920)
"Some Weeds of New South Wales, Nut-grass (Cyperus rotundas L.). ... Asa Gray refers to the Nut-grass of the Southern Atlantic States as C. rotundus, ..."

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