Definition of Old boy network

1. Noun. An exclusive informal network linking members of a social class or profession or organization in order to provide connections and information and favors (especially in business or politics). "Professional women have developed an old boy network of their own"

Generic synonyms: Network, Web

Definition of Old boy network

1. Noun. (idiomatic) A presumed unacknowledged system of association between childhood friends (especially those at school or university together), used for mutual assistance or favouritism. ¹

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Literary usage of Old boy network

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. California and Affirmative Action: Hearing Before the Committee on the by United States. (1999)
"The "old- boy's network" is alive and well; without affirmative action, many companies still would not give my company a fair chance to compete. ..."

2. The Command of Light: Rowland's School of Physics and the Spectrum by George Kean Sweetnam (2000)
"... have been born as an "old-boy" network with the outspoken Webster as its organizing "father," Rowland its symbolic "father," and Michelson its symbolic ..."

3. The Small Business Innovation Research Program: The First Decade (1993)
"This is not an old boy's network or a condition in which those who have an established presence in the program continue to dominate in the program. ..."

4. The Production, Distribution and Readership of a Conservative Journal of the by Harvey Chisick (1992)
"... it is worth pointing out that It is unlikely that the old boy network of the school would have let this pass in silence if it were so. ..."

5. Modernising Public Appointments by John Viney, Judith Osborne (1995)
"In Britain the most obvious form of networking has been the 'old boy' network encompassing largely public school alumni where the brand of the school was ..."

6. Religious Intolerance in Europe Today: Hearing Before the Commission on edited by Alfonse M. D'Amato (1999)
"... old-boy network think they have a natural right to dictate to all confessions in Russia. Unless Yeltsin reverses course, they will get it. ..."

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