Definition of Olde worlde

1. Adjective. Attractively old-fashioned (but not necessarily authentic). "A vaulted roof supporting old-time chimney pots"

Exact synonyms: Old-time, Quaint
Similar to: Fashionable, Stylish
Derivative terms: Quaintness

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Literary usage of Olde worlde

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Utopia by Thomas More (1869)
"... the fall of the Angels, and beware thereby, the fall of the olde worlde, and beware therby. ..."

2. The History of English Dramatic Poetry to the Time of Shakespeare: And by John Payne Collier (1879)
"... and I should surely offende your chaste ears: but the olde worlde is matched, and Sodome overcome ; for more horrible enormities, and swelling sins, ..."

3. Journal of Social Science by Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, Frederick Stanley Root, American Social Science Association, Isaac Franklin Russell (1871)
"... and merily one with another, as men were wont to do in the olde worlde, when this countrie was called ..."

4. The British Bibliographer by Joseph Haslewood, Sir Egerton Brydges (1810)
"... presently after the incarnation of Christe : and I haue not thought it decent, that the men'of the olde worlde ..."

5. Adventure Guide to Scotland by Martin Li (2005)
"Part of the original 1591 tolbooth, the tavern retains lots of olde worlde charm and gives you a chance to drink with locals. Ye Olde Golf Tavern (30-31 ..."

6. B&b Stops in England, Scotland & Wales 2004 by Hunter Publishing, Incorporated (2004)
"Exceptionally dramatic scenery around our olde worlde smugglers' village. Wordsworth, Shelley and Coleridge all kept returning here. An all year resort, ..."

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