Definition of Olibanum

1. Noun. An aromatic gum resin obtained from various Arabian or East African trees; formerly valued for worship and for embalming and fumigation.

Exact synonyms: Frankincense, Gum Olibanum, Thus
Generic synonyms: Gum
Derivative terms: Thurify

Definition of Olibanum

1. n. The fragrant gum resin of various species of Boswellia; Oriental frankincense.

Definition of Olibanum

1. Noun. frankincense ¹

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Definition of Olibanum

1. a fragrant resin [n -S]

Medical Definition of Olibanum

1. A gum resin from several trees of the genus Boswellia (family Burseraceae); has been used as a stimulant expectorant in bronchitis, for fumigations, and as incense. Synonym: frankincense, thus. Origin: Ar. Al, the, + luban, frankincense (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Olibanum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pharmacographia; a History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin, Met by Friedrich August Flückiger, Daniel Hanburgy (1879)
"Gummi-resina olibanum, Thus masculum *; olibanum, Frankincense ; F. Encens; ... Botanical Origin—olibanum is obtained from the stem of several species of ..."

2. The Chemical Works of Caspar Neumann .. by Caspar Neumann, William Lewis (1773)
"... ed various forts of olibanum, as i. ... The finer and purer tears are called olibanum in grains ; the more impure fragments and ..."

3. Analysis of Resins, Balsams and Gum-resins: The Chemistry and Pharmacognosis by Karl Dieterich (1901)
"olibanum electum is the best and purest kind, olibanum in sortis being less ... The so-called " wild incense," olibanum. silvestre, is a pine resin which ..."

4. A Practical Treatise on Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils: Comprising Both by William Theodore Brannt, Karl Schaedler (1896)
"The genuine olibanum or frankincense is derived from East Indian species of ... African or Arabian olibanum is derived from Boswellia papyrifera, Hochst. ..."

5. Select extra-tropical plants readily eligible for industrial culture or by Ferdinand Jacob H. Mueller (1880)
"This tree exudes a kind of olibanum resin and represents apparently one of the ... The real olibanum is exuded by B. Carteri (Birdwood) of Arabia and ..."

6. The Gentleman's Magazine (1821)
"wise be made by substituting gum olibanum for the sugar. The application of sulphuric or nitrous acid to this compound will produce immediate ignition. ..."

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