Definition of Opening night

1. Noun. The first performance (as of a theatrical production). "The opening received good critical reviews"

Exact synonyms: Curtain Raising, Opening
Generic synonyms: Start
Derivative terms: Opening

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Literary usage of Opening night

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Record of the Boston Stage by William Warland Clapp (1853)
"The Boston Museum. — The.Patrons of the Museum. — The Drunkard. — opening night at the New Museum. — Mrs. Barrett. — The Vaudeville Saloon at Boylston Hall. ..."

2. A Record of the Boston Stage by William Warland Clapp (1853)
"opening night. —Introduction of William Warren. — Blangy. — The Viennoise Children. — Marti's celebrated Havana Opera Company. — Tedesco. ..."

3. Autobiography of an Actress; Or, Eight Years on the Stage by Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt Ritchie (1854)
"opening night of the Olympic Theatre.—A Black-garbed Audience. — Refusal to appear in Mourning. — A White Compromise. — Inaugural Address written by Albert ..."

4. The Romance of the American Theatre by Mary Caroline Crawford (1913)
"the opening night, when Hodgkinson told the audience, in poetry of his own contriving: " Across the vast Atlantic we have steered To view that liberty so ..."

5. Reminiscences of the Opera by Benjamin Lumley (1864)
"... and the Public —The opening night in May described—General Satisfaction of the Patrons of the Opera with the Renewed Activity of the Management—Mournful ..."

6. Diary of a Daly Débutante: Being Passages from the Journal of a Member of by Dora Knowlton Thompson Ranous (1910)
"Only three days more before the opening night. I wish they were over. This is the cast of NEWPORT OR, THE SWIMMER, THE SINGER, AND THE CIPHER Hon. ..."

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